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There's an old saying: Knowledge is Power. That's especially true in real estate sales negotiations.

In order to price your home correctly and put you in the strongest position possible during negotiations, NOVA will conduct a Professional Market Evaluation of your home. This evaluation includes a Pre-Inspection Evaluation of your home and a Professional Evaluation of 8 different key market factors, to accurately determine the market value of your home.

Pre-Inspection Evaluation
This evaluation includes information from a detailed assessment of the same property and systems that will be officially inspected during the Escrow period of your sale. The assessment part of the Pre-Inspection Evaluation gives us an accurate idea of the condition of your home and its systems. We will then get estimates for any repairs needed from NOVA's Professional Vendor Network.

Professional Market Evaluation
Once we have a good understanding of the condition and needed repairs for your home, we perform a Professional Market Evaluation of the other factors that determine the real value of your home on the market, including:

  • Type of Property
  • Comparables
  • Location
  • Neighborhood
  • Age
  • Remodeling
  • View
  • Nearby Amenities

We'll put all of our findings in an easy-to-understand document, with our recommendations on pricing. If applicable, we'll recommend any allowances that will make your home more attractive on the market, as well as any concessions to be considered during the negotiation process.

At NOVA, we prepare a Professional Market Evaluation before we agree on the price on your home and put it on the market. The Professional Market Evaluation is a great tool to help us demonstrate the true value of your home during the sale and negotiation.

This also puts you in a stronger position during negotiations, because we have a good idea of what the inspector will find and what the costs will be--with no surprises. At NOVA, we'll be better prepared with terms and options to offer, in order to successfully negotiate and close your sale.

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