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Sell Your Home Faster, For More Money... and Enjoy the Best Home Selling Experience of Your Life!

The Real Secret to
Selling Your Home

According to a recent survey of the Orange County Association of Realtors, residential homes in Orange County over the past year were sold in the following ways:

  • 95% Multiple Listing Service / Realtor Contacts
  • 2% through Ads (print and online)
  • 2% through Signs
  • 1% All Other Methods, including for sale by owner
It's a Fact:
At least 95% of homes in Orange County are sold through Realtors not ads.

So why do real estate companies keep spending money on ads? To keep their sellers happy. Because most sellers mistakenly believe that ads sell homes.

We Put Our Money Where the Results Are: The Realtors

NOVA invests in communicating with the people who will bring 95%+ of all buyers to your door: THE REALTORS. Why? Because showcasing your home to realtors gets your home sold faster and for more money.

Take a look at our exclusive Star Treatment Marketing Plan and you'll agree:

NOVA invests more in Realtor Communications than any other
Real Estate Agency in Orange County

NOVA will sell your home faster, for more money - and give you the most enjoyable home selling experience of your life.