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What You Need to Know When You're Selling A Home

Selling your home is a big decision. You probably spent more than a couple years there, and your family will have created many memories and neighborhood friends. Maybe you expected to stay put but circumstances have changed, or maybe you always knew you'd move sooner or later. Either way, it's always a little unsettling to pack-up, pull up roots, allow potential buyers to scrutinize your home, and manage all the details of the transaction while still providing for your family financially and emotionally.

This list of frequently asked questions is intended to give you a starting place and make you feel a little more comfortable on the adventure you'll be undertaking.

Is this the right time to sell my house?
There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to sell your home. There are times when you may need to sell, such as when your job location or lifestyle change, or you have serious money problems. You may have outgrown your current home or are now able to afford a better place and are ready to move up. When the economic forecast is good, you may want to sell and take advantage of the strong market. Additionally, if you have inherited a home, it wouldn't make sense to continue making payments if it will be empty.

What is the most important factor in deciding to sell?
Be certain you want to sell! If you are not sure you want to sell, you won't put forth the required effort or negotiate in good faith. Beyond being a waste of time, in certain instances a buyer can force you to honor a signed contract even if you change your mind. Save yourself the trouble.

How do I determine the sales potential of my home?

The basic influencing factors include location, appearance of house and neighborhood, size, condition, view, percentage of owners to renters in your neighborhood (owners tend to have a pride in ownership), and crime rate.

What are the steps once I've decided to sell?
First, talk with your NOVA Realtor and ask for a Professional Market Evaluation. This will help you determine a fair asking price--high enough so you get what your home is worth and realistic enough so you interest buyers.

Also, consider the time of year. The most popular time of year for families to move is in the summer, when children are out of school and the holidays are a long way off. Early spring is usually the best time to list and receive the maximum exposure.

How can I best work with my NOVA Realtor?
Define your expectations of the transaction and communicate them. Ask about the Star treatment Marketing Plan and understand what steps he or she will take and when they will occur.

Keep your house clean, the yard neat, and be ready at any time. Let your NOVA Realtor show the house, but if you are at home during a showing, stay inconspicuous. You probably have less experience, may make buyers uncomfortable and may want to avoid hearing any negative comments buyers may have.

What should I do to get my home ready for showing?
Start by taking a look from the street. This is the first impression potential buyers will get. Next, walk slowly through the interior. Eliminate odors, especially pet and smoke. Clean the windows and pull back the drapes to maximize light, bright rooms.

As a NOVA Home Seller, you can increase the perceived value of your home--and therefore the potential selling price you'll receive--by getting a free Star Treatment Home Makeover.

The Star Treatment Home Makeover is an exclusive free consultation with Open House Interiors, a member of NOVA's Professional Vendor Network. During this free consultation, an Open House Interiors Professional will walk through your home with you, to advise you on what you can do to makeover your home to be "Dressed to Sell" and make a great first impression.

Statistics prove that homes that implement the recommendations of a Star Treatment Makeover sell faster and have higher selling prices.

What are the important factors when considering an offer?
Consider all of the following: price, terms, amount of earnest money, personal property requested, the time frame and buyer's qualifications.

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