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Don't Buy Into Being Priced Out of Your Dream Home

Recent newspaper headlines in Orange County highlight the record-breaking low interest rates and the tight inventory of available properties. Many homebuyers believe they are priced out of the market... or are discouraged about being able to find the home of their dreams.

Fact #1:
Most Home Buyers Can Qualify More than They Thought Possible.

Fact #2:
You Can Find Your Ideal Home at a Great Value--If You Know Where to Look, How to Look... and How to Negotiate.

The Real Secret to
Finding Your Dream Home

The secret is a two-part combination of experienced professionals in Real Estate and Loan Qualification / Origination, with decades of experience and strong relationships, who know how to:

  • Get you pre-qualified for more money with the right rate and monthly payment

  • Quickly find the right home, with our exclusive process and knowledge of the area

  • Make the right offer and negotiate to get the best value for your investment
  • Provide a network of vendors to make sure your move-in is fast and easy.

Our exclusive “Star Treatment" Homebuyer's Plan was designed by a top 1% Orange County Realtor.

Take a look at our Star Treatment Home Buyer's Plan and you’ll agree: NOVA Real Estate invests more in making our clients' dreams come true than any other Real Estate Agency in Orange County.