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Our Philosophy

You Are the Star: Helping You Become a Better Realtor

The Star is at the center of the NOVA logo for a reason: Everything we do is all about you—the agent. To help you realize your true potential as a Realtor.

NOVA is designed by 1% top agents to be a place that nurtures exceptional performance. Providing you with coaching, mentoring, training, skills and knowledge. Showing you how to exponentially increase your income with less time and effort. Giving you additional income streams to leverage.

In short, helping you become a better Realtor…And actually enjoy it along the way.

NOVA was founded on the idea that Realtors can only realize their full potential in an environment where Honesty, Integrity and Respect are more than just lip service. They’re practiced every day and reflected in everything that we do—for our agents, our clients and our company.

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A Message From Harry

At NOVA Career opportunities


NOVA is a real estate company designed by a top 1% broker here in Southern California to empower you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. We orbit around you, creating opportunities for education & guidance in perfect gravity, getting you exactly where you want to be.

At NOVA, we recruit and cultivate agents with outstanding market knowledge, exceptional communication skills, masterful marketing smarts, and second-to-none negotiation savvy. We revolve around your needs to ensure a beyond-successful buying process in this special phase of your life.


NOVA aims to provide our community with buying and selling experiences filled with ease, value, and opportunity, reimagining Southern California’s approach to real estate.

We propel you to find your place in the world and forge wealth in real estate. You are at the center of our universe.

Our Founder

About Harry

Harry Solomon has been in the real estate game for over four decades and was a top 1% agent in Orange County for 8 consecutive years.

Throughout his career, Harry has handled transactions on over a thousand properties, meaning he has the know-how to create value and a win-win situation for both home buyers and sellers. Harry is active in residential real estate in South Orange County, North San Diego County and the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area.

Venturing out of retirement to create NOVA Real Estate Services Inc. in 2004, Harry formulated a unique agency business model that is dedicated to providing an environment for company growth, as well as exceptional service and value to home buyers and sellers.

In his free time, he loves to spend time with his grandchildren, listen to music, cook, and visit the Angels Baseball stadium.

"Nothing beats handing buyers their keys for the first time. It means that a myriad of tasks were completed, several people completed their respective jobs in the transaction and not least of all, the buyers were able to navigate the maze of loan approval.”


NOVA Real Estate

We’ve built a robust system designed to support our work of Realtor Performance Enhancement through authentic coaching, technology, marketing and company culture.

We give you the right tools and expert help you need to glide through the galaxy.

Utilizing our unique internal coaching experience, we boost success strategies-- and individual agent income-- to outshine the competition.


Gone are the days of do-it-yourself real estate marketing.

With gurus rising from expert level design and digital media realms, you’ll have access to professionally-polished branding, social media courses, contact management tools, assistance with photography and videography, email marketing methods, a marketing advisor, and a brokerage-wide digital marketing advertising strategy.

We have the tool belt ready, all you have to do is clip it on. A brand that speaks to your ideal client as the market changes, so does your clientele.

We’ll show you how to use language that includes all demographics and optimizes sales, so everyone can thrive. Creating a personal brand we’ll help craft your unique marketing strategies and build your personal brand.

Aided by social media experts, we’ll take your digital presence to the next level, connecting you with a community and clientele you never thought could be in reach.


home_agency2_iconbox3 Areas Served

Whether you choose to work in a hyper-specific market area, or have potential clients all over California, we will help you craft a strategy to best serve your clientele.
Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles.

home_agency2_iconbox4 company Culture

We are in the business of education and coaching that will last a lifetime in the real estate industry. Our energy goes into cultivating and empowering stellar agents and providing everything they need to work smoothly and authentically.

And, because we are a fully remote company, you can work smoothly and authentically from wherever you choose. We have special membership options with co-working spaces all over the world.

NOVA Real Estate Community involvement

We believe the best way to grow personally and professionally is by serving others. Our community involvement extends our reach outside of real estate transactions and into the very neighborhoods in which we work.

At NOVA, we will work with you to help you establish and nurture connections in your very own community to help you grow personally and professionally.

NOVA Real Estate Remote office

NOVA has been a remote company since 2008. Our remote office means you get to work in a way that is convenient to you. With co-working locations available all over the world, we can be right at your side, or give you the space you need to thrive.

Join in our remote training and team meetings and gather in person for team intensives, photo shoots and more!

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