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Having trouble making your payments?

Many homeowners who find themselves behind on their mortgage payments don’t realize that their lender must abide by programs that exist to help keep homeowners from defaulting. It is your right to negotiate with your lender, but they don’t necessarily make it easy.

Foreclosure is a long and complicated process. Most homeowners, let alone most real estate agents, do not understand the ins-and-outs of the process and as a result, more homes than necessary go to foreclosure when something could have been done to help the homeowner avoid the worst case scenario if they acted sooner and knew how to negotiate with their lender.

NOVA Real Estate Services has worked with the banks in the foreclosure industry for 40 years and we know how the process works. You can put our experience to work for you and help negotiate with the bank on your behalf to create an advantageous situation for you and your family. The only fees we charge are for selling your home, if that's the route you ultimately decide on.

Call today for a free no-hassle, no-judgment, no-obligation consultation about how we can help negotiate with your lender on your behalf to save you money and prioritize helping you stay in your home, making selling a last resort.

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